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It all starts with Sydney and Vaughn hanging off a mountain cliff somewhere above Chamonix ...

and nailing into place a fake rock with a camera and radio to spy on ...

this nice chalet below

The rock cam works, and Marshall can monitor

all sorts of stuff about the chalet site

Their jobs done, Syd and Vaughn take a flying leap via parachutes

and wind up back in the JTF's conference room in LA, where we find out that the
chalet is where the Covenant defector from the last episode hid a microchip
that's got Covenant operational manuals on it, and it names names

Dixon calls this MacGuffin the Doleac Agenda and they need to go after it

Jack explains that they need to go after it because their defector couldn't read the microchip he hid, and if he had read it and told them, then there wouldn't be any reason to have this episode

But first, they need info on the chalet's security system, which looks like it might be
a lethal response system that Toni Cummings designs for certain well-paying clients,
and once they find out where she is, they'll send in Sydney and Vaughn ...

who at the moment are giving each other ...

angsty looks ...

and Jack's seein' it all

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