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Back in Zurich

Barnett drops in for a final go at Sloane and tells him about the dissertation she wrote on him, and that she really understands him, and that she can help him

Sloane says he's got this secret, one that he's had for many years, and it affects the only two people he cares about in the world, Sydney and Jack Bristow

Barnett's ready to listen

But Sloane's not ready to talk ... or at least not until the next episode

Back to Pinky and the .... Sark and Lauren ... really, we mean Sark and Lauren

Sark's off to St. Petersburg to present Mr. Big with their "offer" while Lauren's holding onto the watches as her insurance

Sark gets to hold onto Lauren

It's stock footage of St. Petersburg

where Sark discovers his Covenant meet is with ...

McKennas Cole, who bills himself as 'The Man in front of The Man', who really likes Sark's new hairdo, and who's not telling about how he got out of CIA custody in this episode

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