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Later Jack stops by Sydney's house with Chinese take out and info on the next mission

Jack says they found the security expert in Athens, and Dixon is planning to assign Syd and Vaughn to go there, and did Syd know she can request a change in personel
Syd's all, but hey, I do what I'm assigned to do

Jack's all, but you can ask Dixon for a replacement for Vaughn

Syd decides that maybe fathers do know best, and so she asks for Weiss on this
op, and Dixon agrees

In this lovely stock footage of Berlin

Lauren renews her acquaintance with this guy, a banker and one of those six
Covenant leaders, and someone she's met before

while Sark watches

Lauren suggests some private discussions and private play

which ends with her stabbing him

and enjoying every minute of it in a totally unforshadowed psycho kind of way,
prompting Sark to say she's just so unbelievabley good at what she does, just
in case the audience is in any doubt

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