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And so Marshall moves into high gear, helping Syd and Vaughn through the
lethal obstacle course while arranging instant Internet ordination for Weiss
so Weiss can perform the marriage ceremony

Syd and Vaughn get to the electrified part, where they go down a rope and don't touch the walls that are electrified

except fo one jolt for Sydney to keep things lively

Meanwhile, Weiss is about to be ordained in the Internet Church of Mammals, as
soon as he signs on the dotted line

which Carrie tells him to do quickly

Moments later, Syd and Vaughn reach the acid kill zone

and fire sealant at the shower heads

that get plugged with the goop

just as Weiss performs the marriage ceremony

and both parties say 'I do'

and Carrie rushes to the ambulance

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