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Meanwhile, Sydney and Weiss are off to this stock footage of Athens

to meet security expert extraordinaire Toni Cummings

Syd and Weiss say they'll pay her to design a security system for their diamond processing plant in South Africa, and they'd like one like she did in Chamonix, thank you very much

Toni says, maybe ... maybe not

So Syd and Weiss say if their diamonds aren't good enough for her, how about
a nice cold cell in a US facility, cause we're really with the CIA and you're in deep

The ever-helpful Ms. Cummings provides the plans, where the only entrance they
can use is the half-mile long tunnel she equipped with automated sentry guns,
electrified walls, and motion-triggered acid spray

Never fear - Marshall, and Carrie, have a plan. You drop inflatable kevlar balls
that will keep the guns firing till they run out of ammo, you wear rubber insulated
suits to not get zapped in the electrified area, and we'll think of something else
for the acid kill but it's early minutes yet. And we need someone else on the
ground to get a satellite uplink for us. And Carrie says the baby's twitching.


Back in Zurich, seems there's a little strangeness going on as ...

Sloane is shooting up with

some unidentified green glowy goo

A little later, Jack gets a call from Arvin himself

who says maybe that shrink idea would be good after all

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