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Now Cole's ready for Sark - he knows about the murders, he's now got all the watches,
and so he obviously knows

Lauren Reed, silent member of the Covenant, much praised by those who stand with her in this scene, but strangely silent as she wears her dark eye shadow to define her evilness

But Sark's not displeased, because Cole says the murders were OK - saved him from having to have those six guys whacked to cover up the Doleac Agenda that the CIA now probably has, and so now Sark and Lauren can be co-heads of the Covenant's newest North American cell

Before she can leave the scene, Lauren gets another order from Cole - stop her
husband's "
extracurricular sextivities" with another woman

So the camera focuses once more on still silent but dark-eyeshadowed Lauren
as she silently plots censorous statements to stop those sextivities

So once more, we're back at the JTF

where Syd gets a surprise message from Lauren

Lauren The Non-Silent warns Syd to stay away from Vaughn

And so, dear viewer, we must wait another three weeks to possibly hear what Sloane's
greatest secret is, to find out more about that glowy green goo that Sloane has
been injecting himself with, to find out if the Derevko sisters will ever make a reappearance,
and to see any resolution to the many other plot points still unresolved.
But alas, those are for another time - for the moment, once again,

the Deadly Triangle rules Aliasverse!

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