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It's Zurich once again, and Barnett has been sent to help poor Arvin Sloane

Sloane says, hey, why is someone with your great medical background working for the CIA, and have you treated my buds, the Bristows?

Barnett talks about the rewarding challenges of working in the world of dysfunctional agents, and I can't discuss my patients with you

Sloane says, but I must talk about the two most important people in my
life, so forget it - I'll just go back to my garden for the worm dinner

Barnett's all, well, I'm here for two more days, so if you change meal plans, call me

Heading for their own Alpine adventure are Syd, Vaughn, and Jack, scurrying off
to Chamonix to get the MacGuffin

Syd and Vaughn go over some equipment

Vaughn says he knows Syd asked for Weiss for the other mission, and he understands, in a kind of angsty way

Syd says as much as she'd like to go back in time, perhaps echoing the thoughts of many viewers on this triangular plotline, she won't be the other woman

Before things can get any more direct, Jack arrives with the rest of the intel, that
the MacGuffin is hidden in the cork of a bottle of Chateau Margaux 1953

And being the sensitive kind of dad he is this season, he says, you OK, Syd?

Yep, OK, Chateau Margaux 53, got it

Well, it's for sure he's not gettin' anything

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