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Now while they wait on the Cumming's info, Jack's been sent to this stock photo
of Zurich to meet with

Sloane, to get some intel on how the Covenant is handling the defection of the defector,
and which doesn't interest Sloane nearly as much as needling Jack about his
aborted assassination attempt last episode

Jack's all, well, maybe I would, maybe I wouldn't, not sure. It was the circumstances

Sloane's all, no biggee, I'd do anything to save Sydney's life too, and ya know, all these good works just don't make up for my miserable life and past sins, and I'm so woeful

Jack says, how about seein' a shrink?, but for the moment Sloane would rather wallow in his misery

Back in LA

Sydney's seeing the CIA shrink herself, all woeful about having kissed Vaughn in North Korea and such

Dr. Barnett, apparently her first available office appointment this season, asks shrink stuff like how does Syd feel about how she feels about Vaughn, and other uninsightful interrogatives

Meanwhile, Weiss too is busy giving non-advice about what Vaughn should
do about his personal life and being caught between a brunette with a lethal
kick and a blonde with a strange accent

Vaughn says, can you be in love with two people at once?

Nope. No way. You wish.

Meanwhile, Lauren's out trying on clothes at a fancy clothing boutique, and guess
who should pop in her dressing room but Sark. He's got this plan, see, now that
he knows that Lauren's Covenant and looks good in undies

It's easy. You know three Covenant cell leaders and I know the other three. We knock them off, steal their watches that have some Covenant gizmos in them, and go to Mr. Big in St. Petersburg and tell him we want a bigger piece of the action

Lauren nods in the right places and looks pleased with all the exposition Sark gives about how great her history and her skills are, and that's why he wants to take over the world with her. Not to mention the undies.

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