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Missions are afoot at the APO

Seems they just received word that a former Russian spy has stolen an electromagnetic
weapon, for the benefit of a new group of terrorists called the October Contingent, a bunch
of Russian ultranationalists

For the benefit of the viewers, Marshall explains the weapon ain't no lightbulb, but an electromagnetic pulse generator that is reusable, and it fries anything with electronic components in a city radius, and airplanes will drop from the sky

which means duck

and cover

It also means that Vaughn and Sydney have a new mission, finding out what the October Contingent's plan is and also stealing the weapon

while pretending to be these two Chechnyan mercenaries arrested by the Germans before they were about to join the October Contingent

To help them do their job, Marshall's gadget of the week is this Dick Tracy wrist watch
that doubles as GPS and camera phone and receiver of abort codes, if necessary

And so Sydney and Vaughn journey to this rainy stock picture of Moscow

where they meet

this guy, the Russian from the start of the program, who says have we got a job for you, hop in

And so as Sydney and Vaughn drive away with the Russian and his crony, Marshall
and Jack watch their movement via satellite

thanks to the Dick Tracy wrist watch special and a keyhole satellite

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