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Back in LA, Jack meets with Alexei, who it turns out is Irina's former resident chief,
whatever that means

Jack wants info about this weird training facility they've been watching, like who runs it, is it still the Russian government, and we need this info because we've got two assets in there we might need to rescue

Alexei says, it depends on your definition of goverment, but definitely run by those with clout, and for the info, I want something in return

That something sends Jack to Marshall's lab with a set of books he'd bought
for Irina many years before, the ones with the KGB codes they discovered
in Season One

Now since Alexei still wants the books, and he would already have the KGB codes,
Jack reasons there is something else in them, and Marshall has to find that

Switching back to Liberty Village, Tom is taking the New Parkers to their next test, and provides them with some more props ...

a set of wedding rings

The test venue is a car dealer, the test is to buy this convertible, in good ol' American
style, which they will evaluate along with the Parker's physical endurance

Their salesman is Phil, who talks and gets a bit personal, asking about couple stuff
like how David/Vaughn proposed to Karen/Sydney

so David/Vaughn tells the story of how he had arranged to take Karen/Sydney to Santa Barbara and propose in a beautiful hotel, only to end up proposing at the zoo instead

and Karen/Sydney's smiling at this cute reference to the proposed Santa Barbara trip at the end of Season Two

and David/Vaughn gets a bit ... awwww .....

and Karen/Sydney gets a bit ... OK, maybe a smidgen warmer?

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