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Back in LA

Marshall has solved the mystery of the books

It's in the mushy note from Jack, the fourth ellipsis being a microdot instead of Jack's ink

The code in the microdot contains a protocol to communicate wtih one of Irina's operatives, whose codename is 'Sentinel'

Jack says, then I'll turn this book over to Alexei now, 'cause that's what he must be
after, not that it will do him much good because that operative is dead


So back to Griffith Observatory

Jack hands the book over to Alexei, telling him that's the book he's looking for

Alexei says, by the way, haven't heard from Irina in a while

and in an aside, great to see Rick Overton, actor and designer, a bit more recognizable here than as Count Gregory

Jack says, well, you know Irina

Alexei mentions knowing that Irina thought highly of Jack, which was kind of awkward
in their line of work, and there's a plane waiting to rescue your assets once they leave
the training camp

Jack says, oh, sorry about that awkwardness, and see ya

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