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Seems the New Parkers are being vetted to see just how American they can act,
and Test 1 is to meet their neighbors, whose pics Syd is secretly transmitting with
her watch

back to the APO

There is Tom and his wife Diane

and the Taylors

and Tammy with a wide smile, a husband, and a tuna casserole

With a little facial database work, they identify the new neighbors as quite a group of
scum and villainy rarely seen outside Mos Eisley - terrorists, mass murderers, spies ...

and truly horrible dressers, as the sartorially splendid Marshall points out

Sloane wonders what the heck the Contingent has planned that needs this weirdly suburbian crew and sends ...

Jack to this mysterious Alexei for answers ...

... and Dixon to the next script, since he's not seen again in this episode

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