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Back in Liberty Village

The Parkers get the word that they're heading for America - seems the plans of the
October Contingent involve doing something disastrous to Wall Street, while simul-
taneously hacking into various finanacial firms for monetary control, i.e. couples
go to New York, Atlanta, and Chicago with those electromagnetic devices and spy
gear and pillage and plunder in an electronic sense

Unfortunately Marshall's also got the word

that the Germans have broadcast on an unsecure channel that they have the real
couple Sydney and Vaughn are posing as, which means their cover is blown

and Sloane says, send them the abort signal

At that moment, David/Vaughn and another of the fake Americans are talking about
their assignments

while Tom fills in Karen/Syd on

how to use this electromagnetic pulse weapon

only to be interrupted by a call from

his partner, who says the caption in Russian

So Tom prepares to kill Karen/Syd

who gets the better of him in a fight

as Vaughn knocks out he guy he was with, who got suspicious after he hear the noises from the dining room fight

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