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Sydney and Vaughn dash out of the house under a rain of bullets, lots of lights,
and helicopter pursuit

which means it's time for that electronmagnetic pulse weapon

which causes the helicopter to crash into their house

and all of the lights of Liberty Village to go out

And so Syd and Vaughn make the rest of their escape from Liberty Village unseen, somehow manage to contact their escape plane, and check in with Sloane who says ...

Job well done

In their enigmatic teaser for their next mystery, Jack observes that since Alexei
made good on his promise of the Russian rescue, their suspicions regarding Sentinel are
right - the Russians are searching for Elena Derevko


We'll have to move up our time table, Sloane adds cryptically

Yup, stares Jack, cryptically

Over somewhere in a plane

It's time to take off the rings

and contemplate returning to LA ... except Vaughn suggests dinner in Paris

and Spontaneous Sydney says certainly

and the smooches start again

So what plan is afoot, in place, in action, that Sloane and Jack are involved with?

Why do the Russians want Elena Derevko? Do Sloane and Jack know where she is?
Or is she really dead, like Jack told Marshall?

If Elena Derevko is not dead and makes an appearance this season, will they hire
an actress who might be willing to appear in more than one season?

Is Sydney going to take the hints and start warming up anytime soon?

And if it's going to be fifth-season Buffy-style with a kind of stiff and zombie Syd,
can we at least have James Marsters as a guest star?

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