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Now the welcoming party is almost over, with a last word from Tom and Dianne to
their new neighbors - don't act so cold and have this pie

This pie, which is ...

an assemble-yourself gun which they need to learn to do in under 20 seconds

Now since the house is probably bugged, and since it's a perfect setup for a little
intimacy at some point in the episode, the New Parkers retire to the bathroom and
turn on the shower

This time, it's all business, trying to make sense of their suburban scene, this group
of scum and villainy, the armed guards they tell us are all over the entrance to this
place but who do not appear probably due to budget constraints ...

And why is that that people think we're cold ... predictable ... boring

Hmmm - is there some channeling of fifth season Buffy going on, or a little too much La Femme Nikita?

But enough of those thoughts at the moment, it's time for ...

Homework - see Vaughn practice putting the gun together ...

Reconnaissance - see Sydney take a jog to check out the neighborhood and the security

Neighborly Greetings - see Tom say hi to jogging Syd, and by the way we have snipers everywhere to shoot any intruders, and see ya in the morning

So Sydney jogs back home to Vaughn and the pistol pie, as seen on the monitors

by Dianne and Tom, who think they've found some good prospects

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