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On the drive to the new job, their fearless leader Tom has them speak English and get their photos taken

And so the couple formally known as Sydney and Vaughn become ...

Karen and David Parker

Back in LA, Sloane wants more info on this group Sydney and Vaughn are infiltrating, and asks that Jack contact someone named Alexei

Now Jack is not enthusiastic about that, since he says Alexei will want something in return, and something about this not being prudent at this point because of some plan that will not be disclosed in this scene because Marshall interrupts them

It seems that the van with Syd and Vaughn has stopped at a supposedly
deserted Russian military training facility

which looks strangely suburban in the satellite view, as well as surprisingly sunny
since it's the middle of the night where Syd and Vaughn are

Yep, Jack thinks it's weird

as Marshall points out the swing sets

Now on the ground, it's still night - it's just the satellite that's mixed up - but it does
look very suburban, in an American kind of way

as does the house chosen for the New Parkers

as do the neighbors, who are mostly nosy parkers, and all part of this weird former
Russian government training facility known affectionately by its inhabitants as
Liberty Village

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