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Sark's been in France since the last episode, incarcerated and waiting extradition on
the first flight out to the US in this episode - in handcuffs, straight-jacket, with many
armed guards. Would it be wrong to think he'll get away?

Sydney tells Dixon they're ready for Sark's return at the Air Force base

Dixon says they're ready for Senator Reed, Lauren's daddy, who's dropping in from Washington for the Sark interrogation. And Sark info is so tight at the Rotunda that if it leaks, they'll know who's drippin'

On a domestic note, Dixon sends his kids, Robin and Steven, off to school in their
car pool

Back at the Rotunda of Occasionally Tight Security, there's Leakin' Lauren, squeezin'
out a bit of unauthorized info ...

posing as Dr. Barnett to check on Sark's flight info

but switching poses, expressions, and computer screens, as she tells her friendly sauntering-past hubby that she's just getting the list of questions ready for Sark

Vaughn's all friendly and wondering how she's taking the arrival of Daddy Reed

Dixon's taking Senator Daddy Reed's arrival in a meeting with Reed and Jack

Senator Daddy Reed is looking forward to pumping Sark for info, and if it goes well,
pumping his committee for more money for the Rotunda

Lauren joins the meeting in time to hear that Sark is going to get the Inferno Protocol
done to him

and in time to hear that she can't hear much more, because her security clearance isn't high enough, and they don't care about her concerns for Sark's continued survival under the often fatal procedure

which Jack gets assigned to administer

In the middle of it all, Dixon gets a surprise call with the news that his kids never
arrived at school

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