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And there's more bad news, as Sydney finds out that Sark's plane just landed ...

in the desert, sixty miles east of where it was suppose to land

So in the space of a scene change, Syd and Weiss traverse those sixty miles

and enter the plane

and find lots of dead bodies - shot in the head and frozen

Explanations are given back at the Rotunda - seems that the plane landed on auto-pilot,
that Sark and one of his guards are missing so they probably parachuted out, at high
altitude acccounting for the frozen dead guys, and hope Marshall can figure out where

Explanation is given for Dixon's truant kids - Sark calls, says he's got them, and if
Dixon wants them back, he'd better do as Sark says

Jack goes over the demands - Covenant wants the release of five operatives arrested
in different countries and then they'll release the Dixon kids, and they have 48 hours

Reed's position - no negotiations with terrorists, bad precedent, try something else

Syd's position - Robin and Steven need our help, so start the negotiations for prisoner releases

Jack's position - need to start negotiations for releases, so Covenant will think
we're acting in good faith no matter what we eventually do

Dixon's position - wants kids back, and wants the leak identified

Lauren's position - needing to leak again

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