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A moment later Sydney is out of the facility, Lot 45 in a case in hand

while Dixon leaves the usual way, with a nice research director in hand-shake

Later, back with the bad guys, Sark says the artifact is almost in hand, and what about that Dixon, eh?

Lauren says stop with the sarcasm, since I'm going to be all nice and human again and say that the guy's living through his own worse nightmare


Jack, meanwhile, meets the artifact snatchers with info he got from Sloane - seems
the Covenant is very close to finding the key to activate the box, and the contents of
the box in Covenant hands will put Syd's life in jeopardy, and let's make a dupicate

Dixon says no way, the Covenant will kill his daughter if they suspect a duplicate
Jack says, yeah, and I'm worried about my daughter's life too

Jack's daughter says hey, I do this for a living, so we're giving the box to the Covenant
and rescuing Robin, and by the way, the inscription on the artifact is Mom's name

Back at the JTF, Reed gets the news that Lot 45 is missing from Nevada

and a check of the visitors to the facility shows Dixon on the list

So Reed deploys a team to bring in Dixon

and Leakin' Lauren overhears

and drops by hubby's desk

and says, we need to help Dixon

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