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It's daylight again, and the inconspicuous point of the exchange

Marshall is mobilized by Lauren and Vaughn to help divert the helicopters from the exchange point, which they have somehow pinpointed

OK, here's a diverted helicopter - diverting, ain't it?

Dixon hands over the artifact to Sark

and Sark takes a look before

he brings out Robin and a collar that
will inject her with a lethal cardiotoxin unless
disarmed in two minutes, to keep Dixon and crew busy while they make their getaway

Dixon doesn't think highly of this new plan of Sark's

Syd thinks quickly and says, put the collar on me

Jack thinks some thoughts that are bound to create excess stomach acid

So Sark puts the collar on Sydney, and ...

Dixon hugs Robin, and ...

Jack pulls gun to shoot Sark

who shows he's got a dead man's trigger for the collar, so shooting him is not a
great idea

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