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Syd gets an eyeful - they've got quite a Rambaldi collection here, like Page 47  
with the Prophesy  

and The Cube  , and The-Vial-That-Makes-The-Writing-On-Page-47-Appear  

but Lot 45, where their MacGuffin was suppose to be, is empty

Dixon does some more security accessing and finds its location

Now back in LA, Jack's doing some thinking, and observing ...

as everyone is totally occupied with the terrorist release negotiations, which has Jack deciding to visit

Poor Ol' Arvin Sloane

Jack says, hey, these prisoner negotiations are busy work, so what's the real deal?

Sloane says, and what does Dixon have access to that the Covenant might want, and Jack knows the answer to this question: P
roject Black Hole

Back at the aforemetioned Project, Syd dons a disguise off-camera and goes to the
lab with Lot 45

Now the lab seems to be automated, with a bunch of robot arms with lasers and stuff moving around a box which is probably the Rambaldi artifact

Syd manages to steal the box away from the greedy laser robot arm and before she leaves the room with her find she discovers ...

the box top says "Irina"

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