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Yep, it's Leakin' Lauren again, once more making her leakin' call from the drip-enabled Rotunda rooms

telling Sark she's fingered the scapegoat for her leak ...

namely Arvin Sloane

Ever the romantic, Sloane has found his time together with Dr. Barnett to be "therapeutic"

Barnett has found their time together to put her in a position of being discredited if the truth comes out, so it's been nice, but let's say goodbye

Sloane does make her a promise of no leaks, for what it's worth

Back in LA Marshall has figured out that Sark parachuted into Arizona, and Echelon
says Covenant chit chat coming from a warehouse in Nogales, so that's probably
where the Dixon kids are. Oh, and they also get to hear Sark's last cell phone call
from the plane, which ends with, "Not if I see you first, love"

Dixon needs some advice - do they go to Nogales and attempt a rescue, or do they try to negotiate these prisoner releases?

Jack's gloomy advice - it could be bad either way, so Dixon says lets go to Arizona

In the space of another scene change, Dixon, Sydney, Weiss, and Vaughn are at the
warehouse in Nogales, tapping into the security system ...

which Marshall monitors and finds ...

Dixon's kids in one of the rooms in the warehouse

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