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So as Sark drives away with the artifact, Jack does the honors

and deactivates the collar

and gets a daughter hug

Later, Dixon and his kids get a visit from

smiling Sydney

Back at the jail, Sloane gets a visit from an unsmiling Dr. Barnett

Sloane says he's innocent, and would he really be so careless to leave an obvious trail? Oh, and whatever else happens, don't tell my secret

Judy's not buying it, says she thought he had changed, but he just used her

Back in the Rotunda, Vaughn and Lauren get a visit from

Jack, who says thanks to whomever diverted the helicopters, because they saved Robin and Sydney's lives

Vaughn says, yeah, sure, you betcha, but of course no one really knows who did the diversions officially-speaking

As Jack walks away, he hears Vaughn tell Lauren he'll see her later, and Lauren
says, 'Not if I see you first, love' - same phrase Sark used in the cell phone call

Jack knows!! Jack Knows!!!! JACK KNOWS!!!!


What's Jack going to do to Leakin' Lauren? ...
Why does Echelon which can pinpoint Covenant phone calls in Nogales never pick up all
of the calls Leakin' Lauren makes from the Rotunda? ...
What's in the Rambaldi box this time, and what Irina's name was doing on top of the box,
and is it really dangerous for Sydney? ...
Will our questions be answered ... ever ... this season?

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