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It's hard to be Dixon this episode, pulling up in front of his empty house

But wait - the yard's not empty - it's ...

newly-released Steven Dixon, who gives Dad a cell phone from his captors

who call and tell Dixon what he has to do

Dixon gives the bad news - now the Covenant wants 10 prisoners released, no more
rescue attempts, and this is getting a bit much for me so I'm resigning temporarily
and letting Jack head the task force

Reed tells Jack he'll help with the prisoner release negotiations

Jack tells Reed there has to be something else behind all this, but darn, he hasn't figured it out at this point in the episode

Dixon goes to the hospital, where Steven is being checked out, and gets a visit from Syd

Dixon tells Syd what the Covenant really said - the prisoner release is a red herring to keep the CIA busy, because the Covenant wants Dixon to steal a Ramabldi artifact from Project Black Hole in Nevada, where Dixon has access codes, and he needs Syd's help

Yeah, sure, you betcha

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