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So once more it's Leakin' Lauren, telling Sark Vaughn wants to separate

Sark says,need you close to Vaughn cause he's 'central to the CIA efforts regarding The Passenger', whatever that means, and if you kill your dad, Vaughn'll feel sorry for you and come back just like he did with Alice

Back at the JTF, Jack is busy investigating Leakin' Lauren
after overhearing her use the Sark phrase last episode

and checks out all her travel for the past months, which she
handily has recorded on the CIA computers

and he takes his findings to Senator Reed, George that is,
and his charming wife ..

Olivia, who is off giving speeches and heading the nation's largest literacy campaign

So Jack just smiles and waits till Olivia heads out to give ...

George his reading material, the dossier on Lauren's activities,
60% of which were not assigned by the CIA and coincide with
Covenant actions

Now George isn't buying this circumstantial stuff about his patriotic daughter

Jack says, hey, just read it and call me

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