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So Mom helps out, kills Dad, saying that Sark thought Lauren
might wuss out on them

Lauren still needs that Maalox

Olivia, on the other hand, will never need Maalox, or Prozac

Poor George Reed will never need anything anymore, except
maybe a casket

Now Jack walks into all this after the police are cleaning up

Olivia tells her tale, of how poor George was upset about things he had made Lauren do for him, talked about the Covenant, and shot himself in the den

Now Jack usually shoots them in the head, but the den probably works too

And look who shows up, offering tears and sympathy and heavy

And look who's just lookin' and not sayin'

Meanwhile, somewhere in the Sea of Japan

Syd and Vaughn do their 'Thunderball' thing

guided by Dixon and Marshall

to an underwater cavern with a well-lit Rambaldi wall decoration

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