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It's jog time confession - Vaughn realizes he likes to spend his
free time playing pick-up hockey instead of pick-up Lauren

But first he has to get all expositiony - seems an old contact of
his from points south of the border has info on where to find the
keys to unlock the Rambaldi box   they lost in the last episode

So Dixon sends Vaughn and Sydney to meet the informant in Mexico City and thanks Lauren for the help she gave last week in his Project Black Hole break-in

Leakin' Lauren says anytime

In Mexico City

Syd and ...

Vaughn meet with ...

this informant from Season One  , who knows all about the keys
to the Rambaldi box. Seems that Stalin had the box at one time,
being a big Rambaldi enthusiast, and wanted to open it to get to
the promised-but-vaguely-described bioweapon/plague-like thingee

So he sent archaeologists all over the world to look for the keys to the box, and 1941 in the Cairo desert,

these two guys find the map to the keys, or rather a crystal whose etchings would lead them to the keys

In time-honored traditions, the two fight and kill themselves, and
so their find was left buried in the sand until ...

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