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A couple of days ago, bodies and map crystal were discovered
by ...

Bomani and crew, who really want to open the box - seems the Covenant refers to the bioweapon inside as 'The Passenger"

Seems they also got their wheels for this desert trek from Sloane's firm, Omnifam

Back in LA, Syd wants to know why Sloane is letting the Covenant
use Omnifam trucks

Sloane says, hey, remember I'm a double agent for the CIA with
the Covenant, and the CIA knows I gave them the keys to the trucks,
and if you give me a copy of 'The Iliad' in Greek, I'll give you the
transponder signals for the trucks so you can find them

And by the way, I'm not a mole. And I miss your smile. Syd

Syd's not feeling very warm towards Sloane at the moment, suggesting his execution will be a time for her smile to reappear

Meanwhile, at a nice restaurant somewhere in LA, Lauren and
Vaughn are having dinner

Lauren apologizes for forgetting the anniversary of Vaughn father's death and to make up for it gives him ...

his dad's watch   - now repaired!

Vaughn's still not a happy hubby, doesn't know if he'll ever be
a happy hubby, although he now will be able to tell time a little
better, and suggests seperation

Lauren's not a happy wifey, blames Sydney, and feels the
urgent need to start leakin' again

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