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And so Marshall takes the hint and fits the the map to

a section of ocean floor in the Sea of Japan

So while Syd and Vaughn get ready to play 'Thunderball' in 'You Only Live Twice' territoy, Jack reports to Dixon that Reed called and wants to talk

Dixon's all, cool, talk now, FBI later

Someone else wants to talk to Senator Reed - Leakin' Lauren

Now Poor George Reed has a broken heart, all because his daughter is a certifiable baddie, but still he's willing to claim he's the one who sent her those places

Lauren says, she's done what she done's cause her cause here is just, and thanks for the alibi

but in guns will she trust

Now things don't look so peachy for Poor Ol' George Reed

and it seems to be Maalox-momenty for Lauren

or make that Excedrin-momenty

But relief is on the way, in the form of Mom, who takes the gun

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