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In his cell, Sloane gets good news and bad news - good news is
he's cleared as a mole since the mole was Senator Reed

Bad news is that Reed's papers show that Sloane gave Reed Rambaldi stuff that violates his parole

So it looks like it's lethal injection in two weeks for Poor Ol' Arvin Sloane

Later that night, Vaughn calls Sydney

Sydney says, how's Lauren and where are you?

Not great, at home, and the coffee's off

Syd says, bye

and has a good cry

and Lauren does more listening

And so the questions still remain, and only five episodes left in this season
to answer them:

Will anyone ever unmask the true leakey nature of Lauren Reed Vaughn?
Will Sydney ever be happy all the way through one episode?
Will Sark and his cronies always escape to plot another day?
Will Jack shoot anyone else this season?
Are the bangs here to stay?

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