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Back at the JTF, Dixon says the Omnifam trucks are traced
to the Russian consulate in Gabarone. Seems the Russian
consul has Covenant ties

So Syd, Vaughn and Weiss are sent here to Gabarone to retrieve
the crystal Rambaldi map piece

Syd goes in as a Russian fashion designer, although what
this says about Russian fashion design is questionable

with a microphone-on-a-necklace to record the voice of ...

the Russian consul/Covenant friend guy whose elevator to the MacGuffin location needs his voice password to work

Moments later, Syd and Vaughn head to the elevator and use
the necklace ...

with the help of Weiss and the recording to ...

get them to the lab where ...

the Rambaldi crystal map thingee is

Nearby are Bomani and Sark, examining ...

this partial map they got from the disk

until they get the call that a silent alarm has been triggered and
they know someone is after the crystal map thingee

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