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Vaughn removes these key-discs from the wall unit that will
open the Irina Rambaldi box

Vaughn says, hey, since the box might hurt you according to Sloane, maybe we should just ditch these keys

Awww, Syd's touched

Awww, Vaughn and Syd are interrupted by ...

Bomani, who tells Syd she reminds him of Irina, and wouldn't
Irina be pleased with you finding the keys to open the box since
The Passenger is Irina's legacy

Well, there is a bit of a gun battle in the leakin' Rambaldi tunnel

but Bomani grabs the Rambaldi key discs

and escapes, just like Sark usually does in these circumstances

On the way back to LA, with no keys

Syd says, too bad about you and Lauren and the separation and all, but can I say I'm hopeful?

Vaughn says, how about some coffee when we get back?

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