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So Lauren goes in search of DY692 and discovers ...

Bristow, Jack

Leakin' Lauren calls Sark with the news that Jack's been snoopin' on her

Sark says, good time to plug your dad, frame him for your leaks, say you've just been doin' what Daddy told you to do

In the non-leaking part of the JTF

Marshall adds the map disc to this tubey thing which already has
two other discs, courtesy of Sloane's Pardon Treats

and gets a topographical map projection from the tubey thing

Only problem is that Marshall says it doesn't match anything in the world

So Dixon and Syd go to see Sloane, to ask him to play a game
of 'Where in the World is the Rambaldi Map?'

To get him to play, they give him The Iliad in Greek, just like he asked for

and a view in the Rambaldi tubey

which has Sloane saying, there's more to Earth than land

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