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Sloane is still in prison, execution set for next episode ... er ... week, and starts talking
to Dixon about that Irina box. Says he put something very powerful in the box, made
sure it could only be opened with keys Rambaldi had hidden, but now the Covenant
has the box and Sloane is terrified ... according to Sloane, that is

As Sloane talks, we get to see Bomani and Sark

put the keys they found last episode on the appropriate circles of the Irina box

and voila, the box begins to open to reveal ...

the DiRegno heart! Now Sloane says the DiRegno heart is an engine designed to
power Rambaldi's ultimate creation, Il Dire, which means The Telling

So Bomani puts the heart inside this sideways barrel thingy ...

steps back and at last ...

we get a view of Il Dire ... only 18 episodes after it was first mentioned. Sloane's
voiceover says it's like a resurrection - Rambaldi reaching through the centuries
to deliver a message ...

a message on a long parchment scroll ... basic sixteenth century ticker-tape ...
but in the words of Bullwinkle J. Moose, is it a friendly message?

Both Dixon and Bullwinkle want to know if it's friendly, although we're not sure if
Bullwinkle is interested in the other bit about how this message helps The Covenant in
their search for The Passenger, which they hear is some kind of bioweapon. Sloane
says, hey, I'll tell if you call off the lethal injection scheduled for next episode

No deal for you, Arvin Sloane, promises Dixon

Hmm, hmphs Sloane ...
but I'll talk to Jack Bristow about the Passenger, if he wants

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