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Now Lauren gets a phone call

and Vaughn calls Weiss to tell him to tap Lauren's cell phone, and Weiss discovers
that the call is encrypted, so they can't hear it for another several minutes

which means they miss Sark saying he changed their dead drop of the data and needs to meet with Lauren personally for the hand-off

and they miss Lauren saying, oh yeah, because you're probably going to kill me, so thanks but no thanks

What they do hear is the tale end of the call, which is Lauren complaining, 'after
all we've been through, how can you do this, I'll never forgive you', which doesn't
tell Vaughn much except Lauren is angry

So acting like nothing happened, Vaughn arrives for their lunch

Lauren says her errands went fine, except her mom did call her and started complaining about why Lauren didn't see through her dad soon enough, etc

Oookkkkaaayyy - maybe, maybe not, he's thinking, photogenically

Back at the JTF, Dixon says yep, it's one woman they're looking for, and she's been
treated under all her aliases by this Milanese doctor. Sydney also points out that, ya
know, Sloane probably got the same info from Il Dire - just sayin'

An unspecified period of time later, in Milan ...

the doc opens the door to ...

Lauren, who says let's talk Passenger

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