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Lauren goes over her weepy tale of Dover woe, full of sad memories ...

and her new ring, a gift from her dad to her mom, and now hers

Sydney, being the good spy she is, decides to see what Mom Reed is saying these
days, calls as a secretary needing to talk to Lauren, and finds out that Mom Reed
says Lauren left for Berlin a few hours ago

Now we switch back to rainy LA

Jack meets with a contact and asks him about The Trust, and about finding out where their funding comes from

The guys says he'll get the info, but these guys are powerful and it's risky and Jack's going to owe him big time

Back in Berlin, Lauren makes coffee and plays with

her new glowy ring

while Sydney and Vaughn download the thumb drive onto the laptop

Lauren brings in the non-leaky coffee

and just so casually, sets the coffee down while zapping the thurmb drive with her new ring

and Sydney notices

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