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Back at the JTF, they find out the flash drive was totally corrupted by some sort of
electromagnetic pulse or such, but not to worry because ...

Marshall has been doing worm dissection and found out that it's actually gathering
data, the wiping-out being a side-effect, and he's also done some tweaking so that
all that data is coming to the CIA now, so they'll see what the Covenant is after

What the Covenant sees is that they just lost their data gathering

which ticks off Bomani, who goes after Sark, who talks really fast and says

Lauren's still inside the CIA, so she can still get us the data, and you can eliminate her after she gets us the info

Back in LA

Sydney tells Jack her suspicions that Lauren's their file corrupter, and she tried to
tell Vaughn that she thinks Lauren is leaking ...

but Vaughn just won't listen

Jack suggests Vaughn won't hear it if it comes from Sydney

So Jack goes down to the shooting range to talk to Vaughn

who listens grudgingly as Jack talks about his marriage to Irina ...

basically a happy time for Jack, although he did wonder once if sometimes she kissed him to avoid answering questions about what she was doing, but wrote it off as his normal paranoia

Jack says he has no regrets, because he's got Sydney. And all he asks is that Vaughn be responsive to signs if and when

Vaughn lets it all come out - you never respected me, you never thought I was good
enough for Syd, I know the life I'm living, the woman I'm married to, Lauren is not Irina
and I am definitiely not you

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