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Switch to night in Berlin

and a very Goth Vaughn and Sydney, scanning the club for

this guy - Cypher the Hacker

Syd and Vaughn assume lounging Goths position, as Syd sends ...

The Message

Cypher responds to their invitation

Introductions are done with the required amount of fawning over Cypher's accomplishments, including how amazing the new worm is, but when that just starts to scare the guy away, despite Vaughn's fetching use of his wife's eyeshadow ...

Sydney hits with the facts - they're CIA, he's helping a terrorist group launch a bio-weapon that will kill thousands, and his worm is attacking medical facilities worldwide

Cypher says, hey, it's not suppose to do anything like that, is just suppose to ...


Whoopsies, seems he's been shot ...

by Lauren, who must had had another tube of eyeliner for her own get-up, and who sees ...

the wounded Cypher giving Vaughn a thumb drive

Now Sydney goes after the shooter

and gets a glimpse of a familiar face before losing her in the crowd

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