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When Sydney comes in to report on her discovery that the guards were Order of Rambaldi, she gets a strange reaction from the doc ...

who says, you're the one from the Prophesy, grabs Sydney's gun, says, you won't hurt her, and tries to kill Syd

but Vaughn kills him just in time

Back in Florence, Lauren gives Bomani everything he needs to find The Passenger

Bomani says thanks, and you're fired

but gets shot himself

by Sark, who tells Lauren he had come to see her in LA to warn her, not kill her

Back in LA, Jack gets the info on The Trust, and that the black budget for them is called Project Centigrade, ...

and don't take The Trust lightly, and you owe me

The other piece of info Jack gets is from Dixon, who says that Barnett's notes from
her Sloane sessions say that Sloane admitted having an affair with Irina while Jack
and Irina were married

Poor Jack!

Make that Vengeful Jack, as he goes to see Sloane and says, hey, no evidence of
this Trust you talked about

Sloane says he finds that hard to believe, and that now he won't be able to help him find The Passenger before the Covenant does, which will affect Jack and Sydney big time

Jack says, hey, some secrets you'll just be taking to your grave

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