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Once she's out of the crowd, Lauren starts leaking semi-hysterically to Sark that Cypher's shot, but he gave a copy of the source code to the CIA, but don't worry because I'll corrupt it before they can do anything with it

Sark's ... Uh ...OK ... risky ... but OK

Back in LA, where cooler heads prevail ...

Jack goes to hear Sloane's Passenger info, as requested, but ends up hearing
something very different

Sloane said he actually did work for Senator Reed, that Reed contacted him two
years ago to work for a covert government group named 'The Trust' - Sloane would
help them do Rambaldi and they'd do Sloane a pardon, which means that ....
Holy Minolie ... Sloane's a good guy all this time!

Now Jack wants to know why this Trust hasn't gotten Sloane out of this execution sentence, but poor Arvin's not sure - maybe they're afraid of revealing themselves or maybe Sloane's not important anymore

Sloane calls in his IOU's - he helped Syd regain her memories, he took a bullet for Jack, and now he needs Jack to prove The Trust exists

Meanwhile, at a clearly-labeled safehouse in a deciduous forest supposedly in Berlin

Sydney says, ya know, I thought I saw Lauren in the the club, wig and eyeliner and all, and don't ya think it's just a bit too convenient that Reed dies and all the leaks are blamed on him

Vaughn says, no way, Lauren and her mom are doing a "Dad dumped over the White Ciffs of Dover" bit, and this is just cause things didn't work out between us

but before he can utter another phrase that will undoubtedly come back to haunt him,
the doorbell rings and he discovers

a teary Lauren on his doorstep

whom he thought was in Dover

and Syd's all, yeah, right, pull the other one

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