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A bit later, Sydney tells Dad about what she's found out in Milan - that The Passenger
is a person, and that the doc tried to kill her in order to protect The Passenger from
Sydney, which is rather freaky

Jack says Sloane told him that he researched the Il Dire 'peace' message and ended up back at the Greek root 'Eirene', from which you get 'Irina', so Jack thinks The Passenger is Irina

OK, this is even weirder

Back at the Vaughns'

Vaughn asks, so what did you do while I was gone?

and Lauren

offers him a kiss before running a bath

and Vaughn takes Jack's advice

and searches their room and finds

a false-bottom suitcase with wig

fake passport and gun

Yep, there's a leak in the bucket, dear Vauugghnn, dear Vauugghhnn,
and your wife is going to need to be plugged

And so, dear viewer, once again we ask the important questions:
Is this going to be the end for Arvin Sloane?
Is Irina The Passenger?
What did Vaughn do with his nose and lip rings?
Will anybody plug Leakin' Lauren?

And will Jack get a chance to say 'I told you so' to Vaughn?

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