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Now mid-way through the previous episode, Vaughn was ready to give Lauren a
shove out the matrimonial door, but now it's just a supportive hand on the back ...

which is kinda hard for Sydney to take, especially since she kinda believes Lauren
might be the leak despite the fact that it looks like Senator Reed was the leaky one,
but Weiss suggests it might just be wishful thinking, but they cut the convo short to go to ...

The briefing - seems there is a cyber-attack going on across the Internet, hitting
and obliterating medical records and research databases, and originating in Berlin.
And since the Covenant is after this Passenger which is probably a bio-weapon,
and this stuff is medical, it's probably a Covenant attack

Now Marshall has analyzed the cyber-worm tactics and thinks that it's from a hacker named Cypher who just happens to live in Berlin, which is where Vaughn and Sydney are to go to find him and how to stop the thing

And Lauren looks like she's ready to spring another leak

Syd and Vaughn get their op tech brief from Marshall, who has tracked down the
hacker, via an Internet chat, to a nightclub in Berlin tomorrow night

and has invented these wireless sniffer glasses for Syd to sniff out Cypher's specially
programmed PDA and send him a message. Also, Marshall admits to the handle
'Black Kitty'

Meanwhile in sunny Florence

Bomani is checking on how their worm is working, and the other worm says it will
be 24 hours before they get the databases and match the Il Dire sequence

Sark arrives with the news of their latest glitch, namely that CIA is onto their hacker but that Lauren will take care of him, and Bomani isn't too happy with Leakin' Lauren and her CIA glitches

Sark says, but hey, she's the one who stole Il Dire for us, I'll vouch for her, and Bomani says fine, you'll both be sorry if she goofs up

Back in LA , the Vaughns are packing - hubby is heading for Berlin and the hacker,
while Lauren is heading for Dover with Mum in order to dump Dad's ashes

Vaughn offers some nice words of support - 'maybe I could stand behind you at the edge of the White Cliffs' kind of thing

Lauren says no, I'm going to those cliffs with Mom and my pail of worms because nobody trusts me anymore after Daddy Dearest ended up being a traitor, and you have no idea what it's like to find out everything has been a bag of lies

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