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Sunny day, just right for ... sitting in your car with your laptop and connecting to ...

a chat with your AWOL ex-wife

or at least that's what it's for when you're Jack, and you want to find info from Irina on The Passenger

He finds instead that his question has Irina breaking off contact with him completely

Meanwhile, in snowy Nepal

it's a perfect night for Conrad the Monk to get a nasty visit from ...

Sark, who says tell me where The Passenger is or I'll blow your brains out

Silly grasshopper Sark does not realize you can't get the best of Caine ... er ... Bill
... er ... Conrad in a fight and so

Sark gets surprised first by the monk knowing Sark's name, and second by the floor,
which is where he lands thanks to Cainebillrad's fighting expertise

Alas and alack, Cainebillrad is no match for ...

Olivia Reed with a tranq gun, who tells Sark to get the passenger manuscript and meet me in Rajasthan, and bring along the monk in case translations are needed

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