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Sloane says he just wants to find his daughter, The Passenger, protect her from The Covenant, so please talk to your father about clearing me

and of course, uses the sure-fire way to get sympathy out of Syd - if not for my sake, then for the sake of your long-lost sister

Meanwhile, Weiss and Marshall arrive with the news that The Restoration mentioned
by Conrad is a manuscript that refers to The Passenger, but the Covenant can't read it
without the code key, which Project Black Hole has

Now Jack's got a plan - call a briefing, include Lauren, say we're about to go after the
Restoration, and that we have the code key that the Covenant needs to read it ...
wait a gosh darn minute, that's the real plan

Oops, there's more - we'll make a fake code key for Lauren to steal, and then we'll give it to Marshall to play with so that Lauren will think it's real

so it's the Fake Code Key gambit for Marshall, who is a mite nervous

So Dixon calls the meeting and says, the Restoration won't do the Covenant
any good because they don't have the code key, neener neener

Oooo, Lauren is ready to steal and leak

All she has to do is go in to see perfectly normal Marshall working on the supposed
code key

and say, the NSC wants me to detail the code key too

and Marshall's hey, cool

and in process, Lauren puts down a coffee mug in a stupid position so Marshall
has to pick it up, thus giving Lauren his thumb print

and while simultaneously waving her photo-imaging USB pen over the code key

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