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As the clock nears midnight, it's execution time for poor ol' Arvin Sloane

Dixon's gracious - I pray that your soul finds peace in the next life

Sloane says, that's very kind, Marcus

Jack says nothing - he's already had his say

So has Sloane

At about that time, Syd and Vaughn get ready for Syd to do the op, and Vaughn says
sorry about the open mike in Virginia, and Syd says, hey she's your wife, and Vaughn
says, not for long

After some sneaking in through a bar, Sydney gets into the private museum ...

sees the hourglass ...

and some unknown security sensors which Marshall admits to not knowing how to override

Syd says it's a system like one Dixon compromised a while ago, so ask Dixon

Marshall says, can't because Dixon's at Sloane's execution, and he feels kind of
sad about that

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