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Moments later, Marshall's just tickled pink that Lauren's on the move, tech speaking,

and congragulates Vaughn on falling in love with a smart evil person

which perhaps isn't the kindest thing to do under the circumstances

And so they track Lauren's movements by looking for Marshall thumb print readings
and find she's in image processing

making a copy of the code key from her USB pen file

So now Dixon sends Syd and Vaughn to tail Lauren to see who gets the code key

Sydney takes out a moment to talk to Jack, says Sloane confirmed the sis is his

And Dad, if Sloane is going to be executed, it should be for a crime he's committed, not one he didn't, and did you find anything about this Trust business that could clear him?

No, says Jack, in his 'yes, Sydney, there is a Santa Claus' voice

Shortly thereaftter, In the CIA van watching Lauren ...

Vaughn says he wants a normal life, as they

watch Lauren waiting for ....

Mommy Reed, Olivia herself, who is suppose to be in London

and overhear her say that she's got The Restoration at home, and the Covenant wants
the translation by tomorrow, so meet me in Virginny, honeybunch

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