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Back in LA, Vaughn breaks the news - yes indeedy, wife Lauren is Covenant, which
has Jack saying OK, but you've got to pretend all is hunky-dory with wifey poo for
now so we can track the Covenant's chase of he Passenger

Shade-laden Vaughn says, hey, she's the mole and you can't expect me to pretend any longer - thinking perhaps of stomping her evilness

Jack says, hey, you don't have a choice because you married her - thinking perhaps of 'I told you so, you shade-laden Vaughn'

Sydney doesn't do any talking - thinking perhaps that it's going to be many episodes
before she gets any from shade-laden Vaughn

So Vaughn goes back to the JTF and pretends to be good hubby

When Lauren says, gee, wish you'd reconsider that no about going to a marriage counselor ...

Vaughn says, ah shucks, snookums, yeah, sure, you betcha

and so they look like marital bliss personified

which has melancholy Syd asking dad, if after 30 years you're still coping with your wife's betrayal, will Vaughn?

and Jack says, absolutely

Syd is saved from more melancholy by the arrival of excited Marshall and Dixon -
seems an Echelon intercept indicates the Covenant kidnapped someone to lead
them to The Passenger, they're driving through Rajasthan, so Syd and Vaughn can
lead a cavalry attack to rescue this guy

And so it's that Thar desert in Rajasthan with the Covenant and Sark in trucks

and Sydney and Vaughn on horseback

from which Sydney climbs in the second truck

and releases Conrad the Prisoner Monk

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