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Once out of the ropes, Sydney jumps back on her horse and holds a hand out to Conrad

but at that moment, Sark sees what's happening in the other truck and shoots, then drives on

Poor Conrad lays dying, while making all sorts of important comments, like 'they
have the Restoration, The Passenger is compromised', and on seeing Sydney
without her head scarf, 'it's you, The Passenger is your destiny, she's your sister'

And so Syd has a long pause to think

while Vaughn looks ... hmmm, anybody remember Warren Beatty in Ishtar?

Once back from that Thar desert, Syd tells Dad that the monk said The Passenger is
her sister

Syd wants to know, so do I have a sis?

Poor Jack says stoically, well, your mom did have an affair, so maybe you got a sis out of that affair, and the man Irina had the affair with is ...

and so Syd heads over to see Arvin Sloane


Now Sloane says you've gotta help me, my pardon agreement was I work for this
super secret group called the Trust, so I gave my stuff to Senator Reed since he
was my Trust contact, and your dad should have discovered this by now, so get
him to help me, please

Syd says, if you were innocent, Dad would find a way to clear you even though he knows about your affair with his wife, and by the way, I hear I have a sister

Sloane says, hey, I just found out two years ago, when I was at a monastery in Nepal run by the followers of Rambaldi

Seems Conrad the Monk gave him the news that Sloane had a daughter, and that's why ...

Sloane constructed Il Dire, to get the DNA info on The Passenger, match it to his own,
and then go about setting up a world-wide health organization to search DNA databases
the world over to find his daughter

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