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It's over, and the witnesses accompany the body bag down the hall, where they meet

Sydney, who won't let Jack speak

and walks away

As we've seen, it's easy to get Lauren to speak, so she gives Mom a call to tell her
the news that Sloane is dead and they can now find the Passenger without his

Mom says, oh no we can't, since the code didn't work, which means your husband
is playing you and he'll try again

Back at the morgue

Dead Sloane has a visitor, with a hypodermic

that revives Arvin

It's Jack, who says didn't you get the reference to the modified-kaexelate-cocktail -washed-with-a-tetrodetoxin-presented-in-a- bottle-of-Chambertin-Clos-de-Bez - just like we used in Saigon


Jack explains - this was not done out of compassion. I orchestrated this because
I need you

So why does Jack need Sloane?
And why did Irina have an affair with Sloane?
And what's this sister like?
And what's Leakin' Lauren going to do to her hubby now that she knows that he knows and probably they know? Ya know?
And how many more bottles of Chambertin does Jack have stored away for the next execution?
And why not a nice Chateau Margaux? Or how about a nice varietal from California?
Does it always have to be French?

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