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Later that day, it's Barnett counseling ...

the Vaughns

Lauren's all, I know he'll leave me after I get over my dad's death, and he thinks
he's in love with Sydney

Vaughn's well, hey, Syd and I have a history, we're always going away together, etc

So Barnett makes a suggestion - why don't you two kids go away together? Any trips planned soon?

Just the one day trip Lauren was going to take to see her Mom, which sounds perfect to Barnett for the Vaughn's first co-vacation

Moments later, Dixon is interrupted by ...

Barnett who says, it worked, he's going - oh, isn't she a sly one!

So the next day, Lauren and Vaughn show up at Olivia Reed's house

Vaughn sneaks off right away to bug the room/house

while Olivia tells Lauren, you shouldn't have brought him

and Lauren's like, hey, no choice in the matter

They sit down on the patio for nice tea, when Vaughn gets a call from ...

the bug listeners, who have located the safe somehow through the bug - it's in
the study

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